- Owner of Our Likkle Secret LLC

This brand was created in hopes of connecting people to their sexuality in an accessible and cost-effective way. Though our products are affordable, we work hard to provide our customers with an unforgettable customer service experience. We pride ourselves on continuously seeking customer feedback so that we can discontinue any product that is not performing as needed.

Our Likkle Secret’s mantra is that a purchase is “an investment in your sexual wellness” and that is backed by science. You are guaranteed an orgasm with our toys and orgasms are tied to a plethora of mental and physical benefits, hence improving your overall wellness.

The owner, Dominique, is a MSW Social Worker that had no clue she would end up in this business. It all began because she was curious to see how well she could sell sex toys during her winter 2019 vacation to Liberia, West Africa. There was interest in her products but her plan was to return home and go back to work as a Social Worker. By total happenstance, she interacted with a TSA officer on her way home who strongly encouraged her to continue selling her items in the US. This no longer became an option, rather than a necessary change, when Dominique had to suddenly step away from her job and start a fulltime career as an enterpreneur. Though Dominique loves selling orgasms, traveling is where true joy lies, where she feels centered. If you are interested in traveling the world without breaking the bank check out her travel blog: Domcation !

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