Vaginal Tightening Kegel Balls


  • Beginner Friendly Kegel Training: There are varying sizes and weights, however this one is scientific measurement is suitable for beginners. We recommend using a 45g single ball for 1-2 weeks in the initial stage then moving on to a larger size
  • Eliminate Slack & Restore Firmness: Kegel ball is a good partner recommended by doctors for women to treat prolapse, tighten the muscles, bladder control, and improve the muscle strength of the pelvic floors, and reduce urinary incontinence. Active training with Kegel balls will eliminate slack and rejuvenate you.
  • Medical Waterproof Silicone & Long Pull Ring: The safe silicone is skin-friendly. The ball is wrapped in soft silicone without hurting your body. The long pull ring is designed to be highly elastic and does not break, making it easy to take out. The IP65 waterproof makes the ball easier to clean and keep healthy.
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